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Take a look at some of our great recipes that we have put together for you to try and enjoy. Whether you are looking for something quick and easy, or... more
Veggie brunch A healthier fry up that still tastes delicious Ingredients 2 potatoes 2 Co-op British eggs 1 tbsp Co-op olive oil 225g cherry tomatoes... more
Non-drinkers will love the fresh flavour of this cocktail. 100g Co-op British raspberries Juice ½ lime, plus slices to garnish A few mint leaves,... more
This delicious cookie dough pancake recipe is perfect for pancake day... or any day for that matter! Serves 4 Ingredients: 150ml natural yogurt... more
These will be a dream for any veggie guests at your barbecue. FEEDS 6 READY IN 20 MINS 6 Co-op halloumi burgers 4 tsp Co-op clear honey Juice of ½... more
This delicious Mini Egg Cheesecake is perfect for Easter. No-bake and easy to make! Ingredients Biscuit Base; 300g Digestive biscuits 150g unsalted... more
These cocktails are sure to be a hit with everyone! 1. Prosecco punch (V) (GF) Light and fruity, for a sparkling treat. SERVES 6 READY IN 5 MINS ... more
Easter treats don't always have to be sweet.  This pizza makes the perfect quick and quirky Easter meal - and is fun to make! Ingredients 2 slices... more
We think this breakfast favourite is much tastier than the takeaway version! (Serves 2) Ingredients; 2 Co-op Cumberland sausages 2 tsp olive oil 2... more
Look forward to Lunchtime with this tasty, easy to make Chorizo & Halloumi Burger! Ingredients; Co-op halloumi cheese Co-op sliced chorizo Co-op... more
Crumpets were first eaten by the Anglo-Saxons, and today make a great base for pizza toppings. FEEDS 2 READY IN 15 MINS 4 Co-op crumpets 3 tbsp Co-... more
Try using Co-op’s crunchy seasonal British apples instead of pears to change things up. FEEDS 2 - READY IN 25 MINS 2 rashers Co-op British smoked... more
The perfect recipe for any Halloween host. Trick your friends with these delicious sweet 'burgers' (Serves 8) Ingredients 1 Co-op Madeira cake 100g... more
Chicken salad gets an upgrade in this zesty dish with carrots, Feta and roasted garlic.     Ingredients Feeds 4 Ready in 40 minutes   550g Co-op... more
Made in the Morphy Richards Soup Maker available in Quadrant Dept Stores Ingredients: ·         2 Tbsp Olive Oil ·         160g Onion, quartered... more
This easy frittata recipe makes the most of seasonal Jersey Royals, with plenty of fresh herbs too... Ingredients 1 tbsp Co-op olive oil  750g pack... more
Serves 2 • Ready in 10 mins, plus cooling  1 Co-op Fairtrade banana, sliced 50g Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade single origin 70% cocoa dark chocolate... more
Treat yourself to a Friday night feast with a fast-food favourite, usually made with chicken — this time, it’s vegan! Ingredients: 250g bread, plus... more
This impressive-looking teatime treat is easier to put together than you’d think — it takes time rather than expertise Serves 10 • Ready in 1 hour 15... more
Maple bacon, caramelised onions and our Irresistible Cumberland sausages will make these hot dogs a summer favourite... Ingredients 6 rashers Co-op... more
If you don’t like chocolate, look away now! Method Serves: 12  people Prep: 30 mins Cooking time: 190 mins For the pastry: ·         100g Co-op... more
PREP: 10 MINS COOK: 4 HRS, 15 MINS - 7 HRS, 15 MINS Ingredients ·       knob of butter ·       ½ tbsp rapeseed or olive oil ·       1 large onion,... more
Ingredients For the Cakes: 2 tsp Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade Colombian instant coffee 175g Co-op unsalted butter 175g Co-op Fairtrade golden caster... more
These premium patties are flavoured with an American-style smoked seasoning, which goes brilliantly with the pesto mayo Serves 2 • Ready in 30 mins... more
This showstopping rice dish is best enjoyed together with family and friends. (Serves 4) Ingredients 1.5kg whole pumpkin 1 tbsp sunflower oil 1... more
Master this simple pancake recipe then customise with your favourite toppings. Ingredients 125g Co-op plain flour 2 Co-op British eggs 300ml semi-... more
This twist on a Bonfire night classic is a great dessert any day of the year… Ingredients 4 Co-op British apples, peeled,cored and thickly sliced 2... more
Incredible burger with fried olives (VG) The olives are great with our delicious GRO burger — you could do a bumper batch to serve as a snack Serves... more
Transform your leftover pumpkin into this comforting classic. (Serves 2) Ingredients 1 onion, finely chopped 1 Co-op pumpkin, flesh chopped, seeds... more
A distinctive ring shaped cake made with almonds and spices Feeds 16 • Ready in 1 hour 20 mins, plus cooling 225g Co-op unsalted butter, plus an... more
Ingredients - 4 tbsp Co-op cranberry sauce - 8 Co-op large tortilla wraps - 2 tbsp Co-op wholegrain mustard - 100g leftover cooked Brussels sprouts,... more
We love these fish burgers! You’ll have leftover mayo, but you can keep it in the fridge for sandwiches Serves 2 • Ready in 30 mins Ingredients 1... more
A tasty traybake that's a real sweet treat for Halloween (Serves 24) Ingredients  250g Co-op unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing 375g Co-op... more
You could use leftover Easter egg for the chocolate in these fun, chunky bars Makes 21 • Ready in 15 mins, plus chilling 120g Co-op unsalted butter... more
Vegan and gluten free, this easy coconut curry filled with aubergine and lentils. Ingredients 1 tbsp Co-op olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 2... more
These scary faces disguise a tasty veggie filling serves 10 people prep: 60mins cook:  60mins INGREDIENTS 375g Co-op plain flour, plus extra for... more
Personalise these tasty veggie burgers with whatever toppings you fancy! (Makes 6) Ingredients: 600g sweet potatoes (peeled weight), cut into large... more
This tasty dessert makes an easy weekend treat. If you’re using the coconut cream, make sure it’s well chilled first. (Feeds 6/Ready in 1 hour 25... more
Next-level meatballs topped with a cauli cheese crust Feeds 8 • Ready in 1 hour 25 mins 2 x 350g packs Co-op British beef meatballs 1 tbsp Co-op... more
Zingy lemon sponges layered with an easy strawberry jam and tangy yogurt cream   Feeds 16 Ready in 1 hour 30 minutes     Ingredients 350g Co-op... more
Everyone will enjoy huddling together around bowls of steaming hot soup   Feeds 6 • Ready in 15 mins (plus soup) Find the soup recipe at https://food... more
If you’re taking this on a picnic, pack the dressing separately and dress the salad before serving Feeds 6 • Ready in 30 mins 300g Co-op Tenderstem... more
Start your morning right with this filling breakfast. Ingredients 3 heaped tbsp of porridge oats 100ml milk 100ml water 1 tbsp honey (Why not go For... more
This quick, easy traybake is perfect when you’re short on time Feeds 4 • Ready in 55 mins 750g pack Co-op British skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs 1... more
With peanut butter icing, caramel sauce and popcorn, this American inspired layer cake is the ultimate showstopper...   Feeds 16 Ready in 1 hour 10... more
This a great vegan starter or sharing dish...   Ingredients 1 medium pumpkin 2 tbsp Co-op olive oil 1 ½ tsp smoked 4 spring onions, halved... more
From Christmas-cake infused gin to a mocktail with a herby twist, there’s something for everyone at your next drinks party... Mistletoe martini ... more
This super-indulgent festive brunch makes for an extra special Christmas treat Feeds 4 • Ready in 15 mins 4 Co-op all butter croissants, halved... more
Cabbage may not be everyone's favourite vegetable, but when roasted, it can produce deliciously caramelised wedges of flavour  Ingredients 1 Co-op... more
Use up leftover mincemeat to give an extra flavour pop to these fluffy crowd-pleasers Feeds 6 • Ready in 45 mins 180g Co-op ricotta 150ml Co-op semi... more
Being vegan doesn't mean you can't enjoy a treaty treat! Everyone will love this twist on the coffee shop classic. Ingredients 150g dairy free... more
SUNDAY ROAST SIDES Pick up the new Co-op GRO Mushroom & Spinach Wellington instore, then pair it with these delicious homemade sides for the full... more
This vegan risotto is a great way to use up leftover root veg — roasted carrots would also work well Take a fresh look at leftovers... Feeds 4 •... more
Easy, elegant and full of flavour Feeds 4 • Ready in 20 mins 400g Co-op spaghetti 500g Co-op British asparagus, chopped into 4cm pieces 80g pack Co-... more
The coffee dressing adds a subtle depth of flavour here Serves 4 • Ready in 20 mins Ingredients 1 tsp Co-op Fairtrade rich roast instant coffee 1... more
Warm up after a spot of carol singing with this hot, fruity spiced drink Feeds 8 • Ready in 30 mins, plus infusing Halve 6 Co-op clementines, and... more
  Our five-ingredient version of a traditional rice dish is really easy to make — and elegant enough for a special dinner during the Easter break... more
This flavour combo is fantastic, with lots of crunch from the nuts Serves 2 • Ready in 30 mins 1 large ripe Co-op Fairtrade banana, plus extra... more
Simple kiwi, mango and pineapple fruit smoothie makes an ideal morning treat. It's an easy way to pack in the vitamins and give yourself a boost... more
Ingredients:You will need a 2lb loaf tin 265g plain flour 1 tbsp poppy seeds 2 tsp baking powder 115g unsalted butter (softened) 265g caster sugar... more
1. Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate and Co-op Fairtrade Cabernet Sauvignon: The chocolate's intense cocoa flavour is a great... more
Kick-start your day with this healthy fruit smoothie, made extra filling with ground almonds and calcium-packed dairy Ingredients ·         1 small ... more
Prosecco and Pineapple complement each other brilliantly in this easy tropical cocktail.  Serves 4 Ready in 15 mins 435g can pineapple slices in... more
Ingredients       250ml Co-op semi skimmed milk 50g Co-op unsalted butter 450g Co-op strong white flour 7g pack dried yeast 2 tsp cinnamon 100g... more
Ingredients       500g sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped 300g leftover roast potatoes  2 Co-op British free range eggs, beaten 50g Co-op plain... more
This Christmassy chicken dish tastes amazing and is really easy to throw together Serves 4 • Ready in 30 mins 2 Co-op British chicken breast fillets... more
These easy burgers made with Co-op 100% British beef are hard to beat. Feeds 4 Ready in 25 mins Ingredients 4 spring onions, trimmed and sliced 400g... more
Ingredients     300ml Co-op semi-skimmed milk, at room temperature   7g sachet Co-op instant dried yeast   1 tbsp Co-op clear honey   5g sea salt  2... more
  This dish is great for a simple, yet tasty, family meal Feeds 4 • Ready in 45 mins 1 tbsp Co-op olive oil 1 onion, finely sliced 4 garlic cloves,... more
Tangy citrus is a great match for the ginger and carrot in this satisfying soup. The crunchy topping ­takes a bit of extra effort but it‘s worth it... more
Two favourites rolled into one Makes 8 • Ready in 1 hour, plus cooling Ingredients: 175g Co-op unsalted butter, cubed, plus extra for greasing 175g... more
 Ingredients       125g Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade 70% cocoa dark chocolate, broken into chunks Handful mint leaves  1 large handful of ice 300ml... more
Ingredients 8 tbsp Co-op Irresistible Fairtrade drinking chocolate 1 litre Co-op semi-skimmed milk 4 tbsp Co-op toffee dessert sauce 4 tbsp squirty... more
Stock up on Co-op responsibly sourced tuna and you’ll always have the basis of a healthy meal Feeds 4 • Ready in 50 mins 1 Co-op British cauliflower... more
These sweet treats are great for a festive party platter Makes 10 • Ready in 1 hour 30 mins 2 large Co-op British free range egg whites 200g... more
       Ingredients       20g Co-op unsalted butter  2 tbsp Co-op plain white flour  300ml Co-op whole milk  ½ tsp dried basil ½ tsp dried oregano ¼... more
Ingredients       1 tbsp Co-op olive oil, plus extra for brushing 2 red onions, sliced 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp dried cranberries 30g... more
  We’ve made our own dipping sauce, but sweet chilli or hoisin would work just fine Feeds 4 • Ready in 30 mins, plus chilling 2 x 200g packs Co-op... more
If you thought Christmas pud couldn’t get any better, try combining it with chocolate! Makes 6 • Ready in 45 mins 100g Co-op unsalted butter, plus ... more
 Ingredients For the soup:  6 red peppers 2 tsp Co-op olive oil 25g Co-op unsalted butter 2 leeks, sliced 3 garlic cloves, crushed 2 x 400g cans Co-... more
Ingredients 1 Co-op British egg white 200g icing sugar 250g ground almonds 2 tsp ground cinnamon Method Preheat the oven to 150C/fan 130C/Gas 2... more
Ingredients       325g Co-op Mediterranean style vegetable roasting tray  1 tbsp oil  1 aubergine, chopped 1 garlic clove, chopped 400g can Co-op... more
You can make these tempting cookies ahead, and ice them just before eating Makes 18 • Ready in 30 mins, plus cooling 115g Co-op unsalted butter, ... more
 Ingredients       210g Fairtrade icing sugar 8 x 50g Co-op Free From gingerbread men  Method       Sift 210g Fairtrade icing sugar into a bowl,... more
Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 small onion, finely chopped 400g pork sausages 70g walnuts, roughly chopped 2 tsp Schwartz ground cinnamon 3 tsp... more
Christmas cake in half an hour? Yes, it can be done! These are small, but perfectly formed and packed with flavour Makes 12 • Ready in 30 mins, plus... more
Ingredients       3 Co-op British free range egg whites 180g Fairtrade caster sugar ¼ tsp lemon juice 2 tsp orange food colouring Black writing... more
Ingredients 175g Co-op unsalted butter, softened, plus extra for greasing 50g glace cherries 40g Co-op 70% cocoa dark chocolate 125g Co-op self... more
Zesty, speedy and super-simple, this stir fry uses just five ingredients Ingredients 1 tbsp vegetable oil 250g Co-op British pork loin steaks Zest... more
  The perfect festive gift, with only five ingredients Makes 32 • Ready in 30 mins, plus chilling   Break the chocolate into a large bowl and pour... more
 Ingredients       250g Co-op long life beetroot 5cm ginger Peel of 1 lime, plus extra to garnish 150g Co-op Fairtrade light brown soft sugar  500ml... more
Ingredients 411g jar Co-op mincemeat 1 green apple, peeled and coarsely grated (we used Granny Smith) Finely grated zest of 1 orange 100g Co-op... more
We’re shining a light on strawberries — in season right now and 100% British — with this simple and mouth watering recipe. This easy-to-make cake is... more
Ingredients       600g Co-op British parsnips, cut into wedges  4 Co-op Conference pears, peeled, cored and cut into wedges  1 baking potato, peeled... more
Ingredients       120g Co-op ready rolled puff pastry  1 Co-op baking Camembert 1 Co-op British free range egg, lightly beaten 1 Co-op pitted black... more
Ingredients 100g Co-op unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing 2 tsp Fairtrade cocoa powder 60g Fairtrade caster sugar, plus  2 tsp for dusting 75g... more
This veg-packed option is mild and creamy — and vegan Serves 4 • Ready in 30 mins  1 tbsp Co-op vegetable oil 1 large red onion, thinly sliced   5cm... more
Ingredients ·         1 garlic clove, crushed ·         4cm ginger, finely grated ·         1 tbsp Co-op vegetable oil ·         4 tbsp Co-op plum... more
 Ingredients 2 x 400g packs Co-op Irresistible British outdoor bred pork sausages 375g Co-op ready rolled puff pastry 1 Co-op British free range egg... more
Ingredients       400g can Co-op chickpeas, water only  150g Fairtrade caster sugar, plus 1 tbsp for dusting  1 tsp cream of tartar  1½ tsp ground... more
  Kids will love these simple but spooktacular tortillas! Serves 4 • Ready in 45 mins  400g butternut squash, peeled and cut into cubes 8 mini... more
  Serves 18 • Ready in 50 mins, plus cooling and chilling FOR THE SPONGES 80g Co-op unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing  400g Fairtrade caster... more
Ingredients For the cake:  400g Co-op unsalted butter, softened, plus extra for greasing 400g caster sugar 6 Co-op British eggs 375g Co-op self... more
 Ingredients       200g Co-op unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing 350g Co-op self raising flour 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp ground mixed... more
Make this moreish sharing dessert ahead ­— it’s a fabulous Halloween centrepiece, and so easy to create Serves 12 • Ready in 30 mins, plus freezing... more
Ingredients 225g plain or milk chocolate, broken into pieces (we recommend Co-op Fairtrade Bars or Cadbury Dairy Milk)  2 tbsp golden syrup 50g... more
Ingredients       3 heaped tbsp of porridge oats 100ml milk 100ml water 1 tbsp honey (Why not go For Fairtrade?) 1 small banana (Why not go For... more
Ingredients Co-op medium whole turkey, 4.5kg*  2 x 125g packs Co-op Irresistible cranberry & apple stuffing, mixed with 500ml boiling water 75g... more
If you love cheese and apple together, try this galette style pie for dinner... Ingredients 100g cold Co-op unsalted butter, diced, plus extra for... more
 If you‘re planning a Jubilee party, fly the flag with this fun and simple dessert.  Ingredients       135g pack raspberry jelly, torn into cubes... more
Winter comfort food at its best.   Feeds 4 Ready in 5 hours 30 minutes   Ingredients        5 rashers of smoked bacon 2 carrots 1 onion 1 stick of... more
 Ingredients 135g pack raspberry jelly, cut into cubes 150ml Co-op cranberry juice drink  125g Co-op frozen summer fruits  75g pomegranate seeds... more
This vegan twist on a classic pasta dish delivers all the comforting savoury flavour you’d expect... Feeds 4 Ready in 35 minutes Ingredients 50g... more
Makes 8 skewers • Ready in 20 mins, plus marinating 200g Co-op 0% fat Greek style natural yogurt  Juice of ½ lemon 2 tbsp mild curry powder  1 tbsp... more
Ingredients       300ml Co-op semi-skimmed milk, at room temperature   40g Co-op unsalted butter, melted   7g sachet Co-op instant dried yeast   2... more
Ingredients 4 tbsp Co-op fine cut orange marmalade  5 clementines 150ml Co-op navy rum 150ml ginger beer Clementine slices, to serve      Method... more
This bonfire night cocktail is all about the spice! Made with spiced rum and a sweet spiced garnish - it's sure to keep you warm while you watch the... more
Panzanella   This simple vegan take on an Italian classic delivers sunshine flavours in every mouthful Serves 4 • Ready in 20 minutes  ‘This Tuscan... more
Ingredients       500g strong white bread flour, plus extra for dusting 2 tbsp Fairtrade caster sugar  7g sachet Co-op dried yeast  ½ tsp salt  ... more
Ingredients 25g Co-op desiccated coconut  2-3 drops of pink food colouring  ½ lime 400ml can Co-op coconut milk  150ml Co-op Irresistible French... more
Who needs a coffee when you've got this pumpkin latte-inspired loaf cake? Subtly spiced and seriously moist, it's delightful with a cup of coffee or... more
Refreshing and easy to throw together, here‘s your ultimate summer side for BBQ season Serves 4 • Ready in 15 mins   ‘You can add bags of flavour to... more
Ingredients       375ml Co-op whole milk  Juice of 1 lemon  250g Co-op plain white flour, plus extra for dusting  250g Co-op wholemeal bread flour ... more
Ingredients       100ml pink grapefruit juice 50ml Co-op cranberry juice drink  1 tbsp Co-op cranberry sauce 1 tbsp Co-op clear honey 2 very thin... more
These make great festive party snacks and are a brilliant way to add colour to your table Makes around 26 • Ready in 5 hours, plus cooling   500g... more