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Mix And Match On Selected Meat
100g-1.56kg (Offer ends 21st September 2021)
2 for £7 or 3 for £10
Birds Eye 2 Southern Fried Chicken Grills/Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers/Birds Eye Mini Potato Waffles/Birds Eye Mixed Vegetables/Birds Eye 100% Crispy Fish Fingers/Nestle Fruit Pastilles Lollies
180g/200g/456g/340g/224g/4 x 65ml (Offer available 21st July - 10th August 2021
Co-op Fairtrade Chocolate Ice Cream Stick
Brew City Cheesy Brew Bites/Halloumi Fries/Mac 'n' Jack Kegs/Sweet Chilli Halloumi Bites
150g-285g Varieties as stocked. (Offer ends 23rd November 2021)
2 for £4
Dolmio Sauces
470g/500g (Offer ends 07/12/2021) Varieties as stocked.
BUY 2 FOR £3
Co-op Ripe Avocado
Each (Offer available from 21st July - 10th August 2021)
Co-op Mini Watermelon
Each (Offer available from 21st July - 10th August 2021)
Co-op Flat Peaches
Per punnet (Offer available 21st July -10th August)
Seriously Strong Extra Mature Cheddar
350g (Offer available 21st July - 10th August)
Co-op Picnic Food
80g-400g/16x10g (Offer ends 10th August 2021)
3 for 2 (cheapest item is free)
Chelmsford Star Local Sausages
340g-454g (Offer ends 01/01/2022)
Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel/Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough/Peanut Butter Cup Low Calorie Ice Cream
473ml (Offer available 21/07-10/08/2021)
Cravendale Fresh Milk
2 Litre (Offer ends 23/11/2021)
ANY 2 FOR £3.20
Eagle's Pass Chardonnay/Shiraz
75cl (Offer ends 27th August 2021)
Corte Molino Prosecco
75cl (Offer ends 27th August 2021)
Las Moras Pinot Grigio
75cl (Offer ends 27th August 2021)
Co-op Irresistible Salt & Wine Vinegar Crisps
150g (Offer ends 24th August 2021)
Pepsi Max
2 Litre (Offer ends 24th August 2021)
Heinz Salad Cream
425g (Offer ends 24th August 2021)
Heinz Tomato Ketchup
570g (Offer ends 24th August 2021)
Hellmans Real Squeezy Mayonnaise
430ml (Offer ends 24th August 2021)