Special Dietary Requirements

Now more than ever, people are looking for a wider range of options when it comes to their food.
It seems many dietary intolerances are on the rise. Greater understanding on the effects of mass animal farming on the environment are leading to more people reducing or cutting out meat altogether. We stock a selection of ranges that cover these requirements.

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people following the vegan lifestyle, and there are now twice as many vegetarians as there were at the start of the decade. To meet changing tastes, the Co-op range of vegan products is expanding all the time, and includes a wide variety of sandwiches, ready meals and wine. Clearer labelling also ensures there is no doubt which products are vegan-friendly, and this includes cleaning and toiletry ranges too.

Free From
Many people today have to avoid wheat, gluten or dairy in their diet, so in response the Co-op have developed a Free From range as an alter

native. Our gluten free products are suitable for coeliacs and have been tested by a tasting panel to ensure they are not only safe but don’t compromise on quality or flavour. From pasta to bakery and cereals to cookies, our Free From range is here to help.

Good Life
For a healthier option, look out for our Good Life range of flavoursome food, perfect for those managing their calorie, fat, salt and sugar intakes. Good Life products span many food types from cereals and yogurts to sandwiches and ready meals and healthy dinners.
As with all Co-op own-brand products, the nutritional content of our Good Life selection is highlighted clearly using the ‘traffic light’ system. This ensures you are fully informed to make a decision on your purchases.

These ranges are stocked in all our branches, but for the widest selection head to our larger stores.